Carotenoids and Their Health Benefits

A Colorful World: Exploring Carotenoids and Their Health Benefits The vibrant hues of nature – the blushing red of a tomato, the sunshine yellow of a bell pepper, the deep orange of a sweet potato – these are all thanks to a remarkable group of pigments called carotenoids. But carotenoids are more than just eye […]

Microgreens vs. Mature Greens

Microgreens vs. Mature Greens: The Nutritional Showdown We know microgreens are packed with flavor and look stunning on a plate, but did you know they can be nutritional superstars? Research shows that these tiny greens often contain far higher concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than their fully-grown counterparts.  The Power of Concentration Microgreens are […]

Microgreens 101

Microgreens 101: Everything You Need to Know Imagine a miniature garden overflowing with vibrant colors, bursting with intense flavors, and packed with potent nutrients – all ready to harvest in just a week or two (or three). That’s the beauty of microgreens! The young, tender sprouts of vegetables and herbs are a rising star in […]

Why I don’t grow alfalfa sprouts

Sprouted alfalfa microgreens

Why I don’t grow alfalfa sprouts Ah, alfalfa sprouts. Back in the day, they were the rockstars of the microgreen world. In California, where health food trends take root like, well, sprouts, alfalfa was everywhere! These little green shoots were the pioneers, the first to grace salads and sandwiches, adding a fresh, grassy crunch. As […]